ABBYY our proud partner, stands at the forefront of enterprise automation, process intelligence and AI enabled-image processing, putting organisations’ information to work. ABBYY transforms enterprise processes and data with purpose-built AI solutions—created from over 35 years of industry experience. Their intelligent automation solutions use AI that is purpose-built for the enterprise—created with customers and their specific goals in mind. They help enterprises turn their data into intelligence, and intelligence into outcomes.

With the combined strengths of ACS & ABBYY, our customers can get better results by making smart decisions faster. ABBYY’s intelligent document processing technology transforms data from any document, in any format or language, any time, into intelligence. This enables our clients to drive processes and bring new levels of clarity to decision-making. ABBYY Process Intelligence technology delivers process-related insights to improve business process execution.



RPA streamlines repetitive, rule-governed tasks, resulting in more rapid and efficient workflows. This efficiency leads to time conservation, enhanced productivity, and expedited completion of diverse business activities.

FineReader AI

Optical Character Recognition with Artificial Intelligence : Integrate AI-powered OCR features into your applications seamlessly. FineReader AI can transform the way you process raw data.

AI-powered Enterprise-scale document automation that can transform business documents into business value: FlexiCapture is a powerful document automation software, purpose-built & designed for the digital enterprise. Deploy the solution seamlessly where it makes sense for your business, as it is available in the cloud, on premise, or as SDK.

  • On-premises – Install and use ABBYY FlexiCapture within your corporate infrastructure.
  • Cloud – Leverage ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud, securely hosted on Microsoft Azure.
  • SDK - Design your own application with intelligent capture capabilities.

FlexiCapture is more than an intelligent data capture and extraction solution. It brings together the best artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and advanced recognition capabilities into a single, enterprise-scale document automation platform to transform all the data from your business documents.

We can put the power of document processing automation in your businesses’ hands, as FlexiCapture enables global organizations such as yours to achieve faster onboarding, touchless processing, lower costs, and greater visibility into processes.

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FineReader AI Engine is by far the most comprehensive OCR SDK for software developers to integrate AI-powered OCR features into your applications. It fits seamlessly across Windows, Linux, Mac OS and embedded platforms, while also serving on premises or through the cloud. With the FineReader AI SDK, create applications that extract textual information from paper documents, images or displays. Develop high quality applications enabled with excellent text recognition, PDF conversion, and data capture functionalities.

  • Increased value - Expand your capabilities by enabling conversion of TIFF libraries into PDF, Word and many more formats with accurate extraction of field values.
  • Highest OCR accuracy - Provide your customers with outstanding OCR quality, as leading providers of ECM systems, document imaging and capture solutions, RPA solutions and MFP manufacturers trust ABBYY OCR technology.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning - Advanced technologies provide outstanding recognition accuracy for multi-language documents and deliver searchable and editable documents that reflect their originals.
  • Document migration - Migrate documents from one repository to another, while skipping duplicated, large, outdated files and making content standardized and searchable.

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How Document Automation Works

A three-stage process involving

Data Input

Classification & Recognition

Data Extraction & Verification

*All images are copyrighted properties of ABBYY and have been used here for illustrative purpose only.


A three-stage process involving

Image import & processing

Analysis & Recognition

Data Export

*All images are copyrighted properties of ABBYY and have been used here for illustrative purpose only.


FlexiCapture digitizes paper-based meal selection in correction facilities

Case Challenge

Prisons in the UK have the restrictions of - digital devices, including tablets or laptops, that are prohibited within the facilities. Hence, they used a manual process of using traditional paper-based meal selection for the inmates, that is cumbersome and prone to errors. This case study explores how ACS leveraged ABBYY's document scanning technology to overcome these challenges and streamline the meal selection process for our clients in restrictive environment.


ACS proposed a solution that could digitize meal selection without compromising security. ABBYY Flexicapture solution was introduced to the business process, allowing us to digitise paper-based meal selection forms efficiently and accurately. Papers from scanning stations were processed using ABBYY’s OCR technology, whereas data verification ensured accuracy & completeness of data.


  • Improved Efficiency: meal selection processing time reduced from hours to minutes.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: minimized errors in meal selection data & delivery.
  • Compliance and Security: adhered to prison protocols; usage by authorized personnel only.
  • Increased Satisfaction: Both inmates and prison staff reported higher satisfaction.

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