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Software Solutions

From end-to-end development of scalable solutions, comprehensive technology roadmaps to integration with your legacy systems, we deliver complete innovative solutions that meet your business needs today and tomorrow. We employ best practices and agile methodologies to ensure quality and rapid implementation in a fast-changing scenario.

Robotic Process Automation

Using the latest technologies and automation principles, streamline your routine processes across industries and platforms. ACS brings its best-in-class expertise and experience in designing, developing and deploying the most efficient RPA routines to automate many possible tasks such as Data Scraping and Entry, Retail Chatbots, Banking and Finance applications, IVR systems and more.

We build software robots to automate repetitive tasks using UiPath, Automation Anywhere or Blue Prism.

Online load list automation for Freight company using UIPath

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Commerce Engine/ Omnichannel

Omnichannel Retail aims to provide a complete experience to any customer who chooses to shop with any retailer. ACS can be your back-end support in providing these customers a seamless experience across platforms such as brick and mortar stores, web and mobile app based shopping and other popular online marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart.

Using ASP Framework’s Commerce Engine Micro Services, ACS aims to develop an integrated retail experience, reduce redundancies and improve efficiency and customer satisfaction across the board.



Using Application Programming Interface (APIs) and common scripting languages in low-code to no-code environments, ACS can help you setup powerful automation and daisy chained list of activities in the back-end of your web application when a specific event occurs in ServiceNow. IntegrationHub can be particularly powerful in allowing Third-Party-APIs as part of a workflow or customer service integration in chatbots, high priority incident management through SLACK.


Incident Management

Off the shelf incident management tools such as JIRA and ASANA sometimes fall short of an organisation’s particular requirement of handling their incidents. ACS promises to design and implement a tailored Incident Management Solution that can help you in managing multiple instances across different applications such as IT Dev-ops bug reports, Customer Care Tickets handling, Physical Disruption at construction/agriculture site and more.


Data Over Sound

solution to improve device connectivity. Data over sound can be implemented across platforms, devices and ecosystems and enables a seamless and consistent consumer experience.

ACS has the expertise to design, develop and implement this technology to best suit your needs and improve the mesh connectivity of your integrated systems.


What We Do to ensure Optimal,
future-ready solutions!

Exploring possibilities to generate solution options
Optimizing - Balancing cost and benefit
Future-proofing, ensuring scalability
End-to-end Solution development
Agile Development ensuring flexibility
Integration with legacy systems

HR Solutions

HR systems are a vital part of any organisation’s functioning, growth and competency. ACS leverages its technical knowhow to build you a lean and strong digital HR system that can help you streamline many functions such as Employee Onboarding, Payroll, IT support integration, Grievance Handling and more.

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A complete HR management system to record and track employee activities

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Data Intelligence / Migration

With the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning techniques along with Neural Network models, ACS can help you analyse and visualise Big Data accurately and help your decision makers take the right decision at the right time giving you the ability to adapt more quickly to industry trends.
ACS also facilitates Data Migration services, implementing the latest tools and techniques to ensure data privacy and security.


Image Scanning and Matching

With the rise in facial recognition, Machine learning and AI models across the technology world, the need to quickly train AI and ML systems to recognise, distinguish and take decisions based on images has reached a fever pitch. ACS can provide your AL/ML systems with image scanning and matching services to quickly and accurately train and build your algorithms.


Artificial Intelligence

ACS leverages its decades of software development expertise across the varied fields and industries to bring to you the best AI Algorithms that best suit your organisational goals. ACS can help you design, train and deploy customised AI algorithms for processes such as spam filters, image recognition, voice processing and more while ensuring data security and a wide field of training data.


Unmanned Aviation Services

ACS works with leading and innovative Aviation Industry experts to bring to you state-of-art custom software solution for your unmanned aviation requirements. ACS provides AI software capabilities to drones for processing captured data.

Powerline corridor survey to capture images of vegetation incursion and generate reports

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Seeding mountains using UAVs to prevent landslides

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