We have demonstrated expertise in delivering intelligent integration platforms and associated services for achieving a Unified Customer View, Master Data Management, and insights into products and customers through the integration of business systems - specializing in the implementation, upgrade, and migration of integration platforms.

  • Centre for Enablement (C4E) - our approach that redefines the “Centre of Excellence” to have more focus on enablement and delivery - providing best practices to build, innovate and deliver projects with agility and strong governance.
  • We enable businesses to unlock their assets and data to create self-serve capabilities that can be served through APIs - thereby reducing workload & promoting reusability.
  • Business functional experience across sectors & successful partnerships with the likes of Software AG, Oracle, Salesforce, MuleSoft, Oracle and Workday - have armed us with proprietary tools for architectural review of legacy infrastructure, including Technology Evaluation & Migration Accelerators for almost all of your business needs!
Complex operations require

cutting-edge accelerators

Our architectural and technology evaluation toolset provides insight into the existing integration related to performance, product maturity, level of community support, enterprise support, software ecosystem, infrastructure configuration and skills mapping.

RPA data cleansing of customer contact record matching, de-duplication of customer / product portfolio, P2P for optimizing purchase order matching against invoices.

OCR capabilities avoid human error in data evaluation.

Our evaluation tools provide:
  • Granularity of the services
  • Logging mechanisms
  • Exception handling
  • DevOps best practices

webMethods Solutions Spotlight

Mulesoft (Legacy) to
webMethods on-premise
to webMethods.io
Cumulocity IoT

Why migrate your legacy Mulesoft to webMethods.io ACS ?

  • Develop end-to-end solutions between Integration and ERP environment leveraging our multi-skilled experience
  • Proprietary solutions reduce system study time by up to 60% - finding highly utilised end-points vs less utilised end-points, data mapping rules and configuration
  • Achieve faster time to value leveraging our techno/functional consultancy experience
  • Our Experience on ESB, EAI, API & Mobile provide flexible ways of managing projects.
  • Experience on audit and governance
  • Platform independent experience
  • Wide repertoire of LoB applications across Finance, SCM, CRM and HRMS
  • Rapid application development and delivery expertise

The four cutting-edge components of the webmethods migration approach :

  • webMethods.io Integration:
    A powerful integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that provides a combination of several capabilities.
  • webMethods.io API Gateway:
    Securely manage and expose your APIs to third-party developers, partners and other consumers. Create new business models and enrich your ecosystems with full lifecycle API management.
  • webMethods.io End to End Monitoring:
    Monitor and alert any business transaction from start to finish across webMethods.io cloud systems. Allow your support teams to identify any error real-time during a business transaction.
  • webMethods CI/CD:
    Build user-created assets and configurations using WebMethods Asset Build Environment (ABE). Retrieve those assets and configurations from a VCS (Version Control System) easily.
Migration from webMethods on-premise to webMethods.io Cloud Integration offers organizations enhanced scalability, agility, and ease of management. By understanding the capabilities and differences between the two platforms, businesses can develop a tailored migration strategy that maximizes the benefits of cloud-native integration while addressing their specific integration needs.

  • Utilize cloud-native monitoring features for enhanced tenant visibility.
  • Simplified and meaningful logging practices to optimize troubleshooting & analysis
  • Built-in security features & custom roles for fine-grained access control.
  • Optimized caching strategies for cloud environments to improve performance.
  • Effective use of project parameters & reference data for streamlined integration.
  • Planning for upcoming enhancements possible - such as support for external JMS systems, to stay aligned with future requirements.
Cumulocity IoT enables businesses to pioneer innovation, streamline operations, and elevate customer experiences within our ever-connected landscape. Cumulocity IoT, by Software AG along with ACS, presents a versatile and scalable solution for enterprises to fully exploit the capabilities of IoT technology. Boasting advanced functionalities, effortless integration, and stringent security protocols.

Key Features & Enablers :

  • Device Connectivity and Management
  • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Real-time Data Processing
  • Security and Compliance
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Smart Manufacturing & Energy Management
  • Connected Healthcare