Managed IT Infra Support Services

The best round-the-clock managed IT Support services

IT systems form the functional backbone of any operations in the modern work environment across industries in small or large organizations. To sustain these mammoth IT infrastructure software and systems, specialised teams are necessary and fulfil an essential necessity in ensuring smooth daily operations.

ACS offers its expertise of setting up, optimizing and maintaining IT systems and infrastructure at various levels ensuring smooth operations for your organisation.

ERP Support

Enterprise Resource Planning software such as SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft’s Dynamics365 are the backbone of an organisation’s efficient operations. ACS offers IT support towards implementation and maintenance of these large cloud-based systems. ACS also ensures seamless integration into the workflows of existing systems that guarantee your ERPs are up and running 24X7 at their optimum level.

Managed Application Support

Mobile and web applications as part of the workflow are the norm in every industry today with more and more complex systems being implemented to streamline and improve the workflows. You can leverage ACS’ technical knowledge through its Managed Application Support to maintain and troubleshoot these large complex software solutions leaving your staff to focus on their daily activities.

Technical Support Services

ACS has built a vast knowledgebase across technologies, pipelines, and platforms such as AWS, UIPath, Oracle, SAP and more and offers a state-of-the-art technical support structure. With critical updates, necessary upgrades and other routine technical operations curated by ACS, your organisation can experience seamless and smooth operations.

Data Stewardship/ Maintenance

ACS puts in place the latest compliances, policies, and regulatory obligations for data processing and data administration, improving efficiencies across the board. We manage systems and processes that ensure all necessary data is appropriately collected, collated and is accessible to Management.

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