Custom-built Networking Solution at a large logistics center

Industry: Logistics and Supply-chain
Solution: End-to-end networking solution

The end-to-end networking solutions developed by ACS helped the logistics company to improve communication channels and live monitoring at their new location

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Managing Food Deliveries made easy with a Food Ordering App and Management Portal

Industry: Hospitality
Solution: Mobile and Web App development

ACS developed a food-ordering and management portal for a group of restaurants to improve their sales and reduce costs

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Freight ship ‘Load list’ RPA lowers costs and improves cargo management

Industry: Transportation
Solution: Robotic Process Automation

ACS implemented Robotic Process Automation to reduce manual errors and enable better cargo management

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Efficacy of Drones in Powerline Corridor Vegetation Detection

Industry: Power
Solution: Powerline Corridor Surveying with UAVs

ACS and AIRobotics used drones to help a Powerline company survey the vegetation incursion efficiently and cost-effectively

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Transforming Inventory Management at a Stone Quarry with UAVs

Industry: Mining
Solution: Inventory tracking with UAVs

The drones helped the stone quarry track and manage the volume and value of their inventory efficiently

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Preventing landslides with mass mountain seeding using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Industry: Forestry
Solution: Autonomous seeding with drones

The mass mountain-seeding using drones saved billions of pounds and prevented further landslides

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Minimizing Revenue Losses with Condition Reporting using UAVs

Industry: Infrastructure
Solution: Condition Reporting with UAVs

Drones are used to survey a large house quickly and identify the exact locations for maintenance, averting event cancellations and the resulting loss of revenue

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