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Functional Consultancy Services

ACS prides itself in its varied experience across industries, technologies, and platforms that bring forward its human resources to the service of its clients through management consultants, business analysts, and solution architects. ACS can provide your organisation with the right match of functional consultants.

Management Consultant

Leveraging its strong industry presence and growth mindset, ACS offers consultancy services on strategic & organisational needs and helps its clients realise more growth, reduce costs and implement new systems or procedures into its workflow through its vast network of Management Consultants.


Business Analyst

Using the latest Analytics and Visualisation tools at their disposal, ACS Business Analysts study existing strategy, business models, workflows, and technical systems. They work closely with Project Managers to identify and provide solutions to business problems, make recommendations on workflow or technology that might directly affect the business operations of your organisation.


Solution Architect

Implementing new processes and solutions is a tricky & complicated job that requires a diverse set of skills such as technology, industry know-how, communication skills with different teams, and much more. ACS Solution Architects work closely with your Project Teams to design the solution architecture and help reach the overall vision that underlies the projected solution.


SCRUM as a Service

Scrum-As-A-Service provides access to our experienced Scrum practitioners who possess in-depth knowledge of applying it in various contexts to offer valuable insights and practical advice to navigate the complexities of Scrum implementation. Benefit from structured training programs, hands-on coaching and continuous support, empowering your teams to embrace agile practices more effectively, thereby improving performance and driving better outcomes with a faster time-to-market.


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