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Our Strategic Business Partnerships Improve Business Outcomes

Barbi, Bristol

BARBI (Bristol Association of Restaurants and Bars and Independent establishments) provides a voice for the independent businesses in the hospitality and retail sector. It was set up in 2017 for industry advocacy with the city council and more. The BARBI food delivery and order management App has helped saved the members costs and increase business.

Connected ID

Connected ID offers solutions with its data-over-sound ‘Whisper’ technology to connect with customers and offer promos or heighten the customer experience. With cool applications in retail and other sectors, it’s exciting M2M fast and secure tech helps businesses grow and stay ahead of the competition.

Airobot Dynamics

AiRobot Dynamics is a commercial drone solution specialist offering innovative solutions in surveying and mapping, forestry, inspection and more using quad and hexacopter drones with ultra-high resolution and Thermal Imaging. Analytics and reports are bundled with the services making it a complete solution provider.

Tested.Me stores people’s health data, ethically and securely on its digital health information management system; devising new ways in which we share and use health data to benefit ourselves and those around us. It arose as a response to the pandemic to build trust when people wanted to return to their work and social lives.


Solistech is one of the leading and strongest tools available today to manage the IT infrastructure of any organisation. ACS works with partners across the board on multiple platforms to ensure the best implementation and smoothest workflow with minimum disruption to daily operations.

DSP Explorer

DSP-Explorer is a Data Management and Cloud Platform Managed Service Provider that delivers enterprise grade support and consulting services for Microsoft, Oracle and multi-cloud technologies. Particularly strong in mission-critical database architectures, they offer services to start-ups, mid-market companies and large enterprises.

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